Individual hunt for Muflons – from October 2019 to February 2020

Big muflon in forestMouflon live in Poland in very few herds under natural conditions. They are available to small areas on the slopes of the mountains. Mouflon feed on herbaceous plants, leaves, shrubs and fruit. In winter satisfied with dry leaves, bark of trees, twigs and lichen.

Two beautiful mouflon in winterIt has a distinctive, large, twisted ślimakowato antlers. Females have horns, optionally small and directed to the rear. In males, the process of their growth is gradual. Even after giving birth to accentuate the frontal bone możdżenie. After a month of horny vagina begins to multiply. At the beginning of winter horns reach 15-20 cm, and their growth stops. At this stage, we can clearly annual ring. The next year, growing 11-13 beads. Horns grow between about another 20 cm. With the onset of winter growth stops again. This cycle is repeated for 4-5 years until the horns do not they would turn up.

Usually comes out to feed at dusk, but where it is not disturbed, mouflon waist also during the day. It is very efficient animal: well see, if need quickly runs and jumps. Rut falls in October or November.

Danish hunter with large antlers mouflonGroup mouflon on a hillside - Karkonosze

Our selected hunting areas provide the opportunity to show their shooting skills and hunting in mountainous conditions provide an unforgettable emotions!


Accommodation and huntingHunterAccompanying person
4 days accommodation and 3 days hunting790 EUR390 EUR
5 days accommodation and  4 days hunting1030 EUR490 EUR
6 days accommodation and  5 days hunting1240 EUR590 EUR
7 days accommodation and  6 days hunting1466 EUR690 EUR


 Calculation includes all (no additional cost):

  • accommodation + full board,
  • preparing hunting ground and hunting organization,
  • preparation and evaluation of trophies,
  • pilot + translation assistance
  • stalking + transport to/from hunting ground
  • insurance + documentation


Muflon male season: 01.10. – 28.02. Muflon trophy: horns

Fee for the lenght of horns.

to 600 mm808,50 EUR 
from 600 to 700 mm808,50 EURfor each 1mm over 600mm + 7,18 EUR
from 700 to 800 mm1579 EURfor each 1mm over 700mm + 22,98 EUR
from 800 mm3767 EURfor each 1mm over 800mm + 28,05 EUR

Muflon female and kid season: 01.10. – 15.01.

Muflon male – wounded999 EUR
Muflon female – shot or wounded80 EUR
Muflon kid – shot or wounded80 EUR

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We adjust accommodation to the expectations of hunters. These may be hunting cabins, elegant palaces or comfortable hotels. In addition, at the request of customers, we can offer a number of additional attractions such as horse riding, spa, adventure sports, sightseeing and more.