Individual Wild Boar Hunting with Thermal Vision

Hunting wild boars using thermal vision is highly effective while also being very exciting. The wild boar hunting season is open all year round. Best results can be achieved during the fall and winter, but hunting during the spring and summer can also be very successful and exciting.

We provide the rifle with thermal optics along with instructions and training on how to use it. Everything is included in the price of the package.

The package price also inclusdes 2 non-trophy wild boars (all except tusker with tusks above 140 mm) . Additional non-trophy wild boars for 150 EUR per animal.


Accommodation and huntingHunterAccompanying person
3 days accommodation and 2 nights hunting790 EUR390 EUR
4 days accommodation and  3 nights hunting1030 EUR490 EUR


 Calculation includes all (no additional cost)

  • hunting rifle with thermal optics + ammo
  • 2 non-trophy wild boars for free (tuskers above 140mm according to the pricelist below)
  • accommodation + full board,
  • preparing hunting ground and hunting organization,
  • preparation and evaluation of trophies,
  • pilot + translation assistance
  • stalking + transport to/from hunting ground
  • insurance + documentation

Wild Boar Tusker Pricelist

Fee according to length of under tusks (average length of both under tusks measured along external bend)

NOTE: If the hunter takes whole head of boar to count the charge for trophy there is a rule that visible part of tusks constitute 1/3 of whole length.

from 140mm to 159 mm470 EUR 
from 160mm to 199mm498 EURfor each 1 mm over 160mm + 13,45 EUR
from 200mm1040 EURfor each 1 mm over 200mm + 15,95 EUR
group of wild boars
wild boar group seen using thermal optics
wild boar group in therrmal optics
single wild boar in therrmal optics
single wild boar in therrmal optics