Individual Hunting Red Deer / Red Stag – September till December

We are pleased to invite you to a unique deer hunting. Our selected hunting areas offer the opportunity to show their shooting skills. During the rut the deer are less vigilant, because they are bewildered female pheromones so that we provide a unique hunting experience. Evidenced by the fact that many of our customers come to visit this regularly every season. We strive to make our customers satisfied with the hunt. We offering most beautiful places for red deer hunting beginning from Polish National Forest state areas throught hunting clubs to private area. This long range option give us opportunity to match your needs to right place. In Poland you can shoot red stag up to 11kg everything depend on area of hunting that’s why most common places that we offer is central Poland. If you are bigger group we can offer you driven hunt with red stag include in package.

winter time red deer huntingred stag at the end of driven huntgreat stag over 9kg shoot in Poland

We will suggest a hunt that best fits your budget. We will adjust hunt for your. Remember – our offers are made only on proven hunting grounds, we guarantee that hunting will be very good and you return home satisfied. Contact us – we will create an individual offer just for you and your friends.


Accommodation and huntingHunterAccompanying person
4 days accommodation and 3 days hunting790 EUR390 EUR
5 days accommodation and  4 days hunting1030 EUR490 EUR
6 days accommodation and  5 days hunting1240 EUR590 EUR
7 days accommodation and  6 days hunting1466 EUR690 EUR

Calculation includes (no additional cost):

  • accommodation + full board,
  • preparing hunting ground and hunting organization,
  • preparation and evaluation of trophies,
  • pilot + translation assistance
  • stalking + transport to/from hunting ground
  • insurance + documentation


Red deer stag season: 21.08.-28.02.
Red deer stag trophy: antlers and eye-teeth

Fee for the weight of antlers with skull, nasal and occipital bone and upper jaw.

to 2,00 kg321 EUR 
from 2,01 to 2,49 kg575 EUR 
from 2,50 to 2,99 kg770 EUR 
from 3,00 to 3,49 kg840 EUR 
from 3,50 to 4,99 kg1025 EUR 
from 5,00 to 5,99 kg1160 EURfor each 0,01kg over 5kg +  3,7 EUR
from 6,00 to 6,99 kg1535 EURfor each 0,01kg over 6kg +  5,75 EUR
from 7,00 to 7,99 kg2110 EURfor each 0,01kg over 7kg +  10,5 EUR
from 8,00 kg3130 EURfor each 0,01kg over 8kg +  16 EUR

Red deer hind trophy: eye teeth
Red deer hind season: 01.10.-15.01.
Red deer calf season: 01.10.-28.02.

Red Deer spiker (up to 25cm)160 EUR
Red Deer stag – wounded550 EUR
Red Deer hind – shot or wounded80,00 EUR
Red Deer fawn – shot or wounded80,00 EUR